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  • Chronic Pain is debilitating for many and affects 1 in 4 households in Ireland

    Chronic pain is one of the main conditions that can result from Trauma Stress Related Disorders (TSRD). It is pain that lasts longer than three months or where healing does not take place. It can be extreme and may last for many years.

    Trauma Stress Relief  founded by Dr. Ramirez who runs The Chiren Therapy Centre
    Trauma Stress Relief  founded by Dr. Ramirez who runs The Chiren Therapy Centre
  • Approximately 80% of Dr. Ramirez patients experience a significant reduction in their symptoms after the first or second visit. An accurate diagnosis of the root cause of the problem plays a large part in achieving this success. The screening is non-invasive, painless, gives immediate results , has no side effects and is carried out with the patient fully clothed.

  • Trauma Stress Related Disorders

    Trauma Stress Related Disorders can cause physical symptoms in the body which often are not effectively treated with conventional medicines and/or may remain 'undiagnosed' by medical professionals. Up to 40% of chronic pain is thought to be Trauma or Stress related.

    Trauma Stress Disorders - TSR founded by Dr. Ramirez who runs The Chiren Therapy Centre

    The Physical effects

    Painful and at times debilitating

    There are many physical conditions that occur as a result of Trauma Stress Related Disorders. These include:

    • Lower back pain (or severe chronic pain on other parts of the body)
    • Asthma 
    • Psoriasis 
    • Insomnia
    • Fibromyalgia and 
    • Irritable Bowel Symptoms.
  • Effective New Technology

    We use a combination of hardware and software specifically designed to bring effective relief for TSR Disorders and to address these problems where traditional therapies have, in many cases, failed.

    Data integration at TSR - founded by Dr. Ramirez who runs The Chiren Therapy Centre

    Best Medicine

    We'll do an examination on your visit, take measurements and gather data to better understand your condition and do a software analysis to come up with an individual treatment plan. Eastern methods are used to support your medical diagnosis. Treatment combines the best of both Western and Eastern medicine.

  • I want to thank Dr. Alvaro Ramirez and his staff for their help in getting me pain free and keeping me pain free for this long. It feels great to be able to do all the things that I was afraid to do before. I would not have been able to do that without them.

    Mary Moore, Limerick

    "I feel at least 20 years younger and all of a sudden, I am playing better golf. It's a miracle! I hope it lasts. Last time I went to Alvaro I got 10 years of value so a similar result will do me nicely."

    Ivan Morris, Limerick

  • Experts in Pain and Trauma, Stress Related Disorders

    Our Team is committed to Helping You

    The TSR Group was formed by Dr. Alvaro Ramirez - a medical doctor and expert in the field of Pain and Trauma Stress Related Disorders (TSRDs). Dr. Ramirez has been working in the field of chronic pain for 30 years. He learned Eastern medicine in his early medical years as a war surgeon treating soldiers with severe pain and trauma. He's worked on European Health projects and in private practice and finds that, in many cases, his patients suffer from TSRDs. He has, with his expertise in Western and Eastern medicine, developed new procedures along with new technology to help with the diagnosis and treatment of TSRDs and to help patients to live a better life.
    The TSR Group consists of Dr. Ramierz and his team of healthcare professionals. They are committed to helping people with these disorders which can be severely debilitating. It's mission is to make their new methodologies and technologies available to healthcare professionals, those who work with patients with TSRDs, so that many more people can get effective relief.

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    Dr. Ramirez and his group of specialists are seeing patients in Limerick. If you are suffering from chronic pain, get in touch. Dr. Ramirez can be especially helpful for very difficult cases. We'll get you going so you can get on with living.

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  • Healthcare Professionals

    If you're interested in our training or in getting more information on the technology we use for treatment of chronic pain, please contact us at info@chiren.ie